Hello everyone, welcome to the official site of everything related to local street signs and street name blades past and present. Street signs help identify a city, town, village or county in addition to identifying a road or a street. Some are simple. Some are identical. And, some are unique. Photos of street signs taken by the webmaster will be shared here. Links to websites with photos taken by others are gradually being added. Facebook and Instagram pages will be established very soon. Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding.

 Street Sign Photos (taken by Jayson) 
These are some photos of street signs or name blades that I have taken. More will be coming soon

Pittsburgh, PA - Near Downtown (taken September 2007)

Flagstaff, AZ - Downtown (taken September 2004)

Salem, OR - Near the Oregon State Capitol (taken October 2013)

Portland, OR - Chinatown district (taken October 2010)

Portland, OR - Snow-covered sign (taken February 2017)

Portland, OR - New Harvey Milk Street sign, Downtown (taken April 2018)

Portland, OR - Old Town district (taken August 2018)

Woodland, WA - Downtown (taken May 2013)

St. Helens, OR - Downtown (taken July 2017)

Mount Hood Oregon Scenic Byway Shield in Troutdale, OR - West of Downtown (taken April 2017)

Gresham, OR - Downtown (taken September 2019)

Hood River, OR - Downtown (3 photos taken September 2010)

Coburg, OR - Downtown (taken September 2017)

Vancouver, WA - Waterfront District (2 photos taken May 2021)

Washington, DC - City Center (taken May 2008)

Culpepper, VA - Downtown (taken May 2008)

Cambridge, OH - Downtown (taken September 2007)

Punxsutawney, PA - Downtown (taken September 2007)

Angels Camp, CA - Downtown (taken May 2007)

Helena, MT - Near the Montana State Capitol (taken May 1998)

Spokane, WA - Downtown (2 photos taken May 1998)

Portland, OR - South Waterfront District (taken August 2022)

Denver, CO - Downtown - Traffic Signal Street Name Sign (taken September 2002)

Ontario, OR - Downtown - Full Image and Close Up (taken September 2002)

Poulsbo, WA - Downtown (taken September 2002)

Wenatchee, WA - Near City Center - Easy Street Traffic Signal Sign off State Highway (taken May 1998)

Crescent City, CA - Battery Point Beach (taken April 2024)

 About the website 
The site was created by Jayson Dodge in the late 2000s as a source of information on what ths street signs and street name blades look like. Since childhood, Jayson has had a fascination with street signs and learned the names of streets since he was little. He loves to travel by car, especially around the back roads. He has taken dozens of photos while on road trips throughout the United States, British Columbia in Canada and Baja California in Mexico over the course of the last three decades.

 Other Street Sign Sites 
 (with photos taken by others) 
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City Street Signs Gallery on Flickriver courtesy of user bigmikelakers (street name signs from communities in California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Baja California):
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A Field Guide to San Francisco's Iconic Street Signs from Fog City Gothic which includes the history:
Signs of Change from Hidden City detailing Philadelphia's various street name signs:
Historic Signage of Buffalo, New York with photos taken by Mike Shriver:
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Yellow Street Signs that were once used in Chicago (later replaced with green signs) with an article written by Serhii Chrucky and Jacob Kaplan:

 Additional Links and Contact Information 

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